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SA视讯   Fourteen departments in Zhe­jiang recently introduced the guideline which contains 33 detailed measures aimed at schools, after-school training institutions, parents and education authorities to help reduce students' academic burden.

SA视讯   该方案由浙江14个部门联合起草,针对学校、课外培训机构、家长及教育管理部门列出33项具体举措,帮助学生减负。

SA视讯   The guideline allows primary school students to leave their homework unfinished after 9 pm, and middle school students at 10 pm, with parents' approval.


SA视讯   对于这一条规定,网友们反应不一。



  While no parents want to see their children yawning while overwhelmed with homework, many worry that if schools reduce homework assignments, make tests easier and downgrade the importance of scores, it is the parents who must provide their children with more extracurricular learning to help them stand out from their peers. This is because the all-important national college entrance examination, or gaokao, is not going away anytime soon.




  学生减负 reduce students' excessive academic burden

  教学大纲 teaching syllabus

SA视讯   超纲教学 teaching beyond the syllabus

SA视讯   招生对象 enrollment targets

SA视讯   课外活动 extracurricular activities

  应试教育 exam-oriented education

SA视讯   义务教育 compulsory education

SA视讯   民办学校 private school

  基础教育 basic education

SA视讯   教书育人 impart knowledge and cultivate people

  教育公平 education equality