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  Acts of deliberately throwing objects from a high altitude will be treated as a crime of endangering public safety by dangerous means, intentional injury or intentional homicide depending on specific situations, according to a new guideline issued by the Supreme People's Court.

SA视讯   最高法发布的意见明确,对于故意高空抛物的,根据具体情形按照以危险方法危害公共安全罪、故意伤害罪或故意杀人罪论处。

  意见规定,故意从高空抛弃物品,尚未造成严重后果,但足以危害公共安全的(intentional high-rise littering activities that have not caused serious consequences but are sufficient to endanger public safety),依照刑法第一百一十四条规定的以危险方法危害公共安全罪定罪处罚;

  致人重伤、死亡或者使公私财产遭受重大损失的(those who inflict serious injury or death on people or cause heavy losses of public or private property),依照刑法第一百一十五条第一款的规定处罚。

  为伤害、杀害特定人员实施上述行为的(anyone who commits the acts with the purpose of injuring or killing a specific person),依照故意伤害罪、故意杀人罪定罪处罚。

SA视讯   意见明确提出,依法从重惩治高空抛物犯罪。具有下列情形之一的,应当从重处罚,一般不得适用缓刑:

  多次实施的(repeatedly committing the acts);

  经劝阻仍继续实施的(continuing to carry out such acts after being dissuaded from doing so);

  受过刑事处罚或者行政处罚后又实施的(committing the acts after receiving criminal or administrative punishment);

  在人员密集场所实施的(conducting the acts in crowded places);

SA视讯   其他情节严重的情形。

  意见规定,过失导致物品从高空坠落,致人死亡、重伤(anyone who causes objects to fall from high altitudes due to negligence, resulting in serious injury or death),符合刑法第二百三十三条、第二百三十五条规定的,依照过失致人死亡罪(manslaughter)、过失致人重伤罪(severe injury due to negligence)定罪处罚。在生产、作业中违反有关安全管理规定,从高空坠落物品,发生重大伤亡事故或者造成其他严重后果的,依照刑法第一百三十四条第一款的规定,以重大责任事故罪(crime of major accident liability)定罪处罚。

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